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Q: Does Accelerated Resolution Therapy target Big T (trauma) and Little T (trauma)?
A: Yes. 

Before we allow ourselves to become discouraged or more overwhelmed regarding whether we should try yet again (or for the first time) to process our trauma, it is important to recognize one essential fact – “YOU possess an innate wisdom.”

Trauma blocks that processing and expression

Recognize that what happened was life-changing and cannot be changed, but we can utilize treatments such as ART to move through the experience and EMERGE with a resilient-based perspective. 

Kay Metzler references the Kintsugi concept of a “broken” plate actually becoming stronger through the “gold” repair as symbolic of our own journeys. We are not and never were BROKEN. More JOY can be a part of your life as you re-connect with the old YOU while retaining the part of the current You that has lived through the turmoil. 

So, what can you do?

Call Believe to Achieve Wellness. You can SAFELY sift through those deep-seated emotions, trauma, loss and anxiety. We use a combination of methods customized to address your needs.

  • Solutions-focused therapy to replace problem-saturated talk with positive solutions while working on your self-confidence.
  • Gestalt-type approach to increase personal awareness and learn how to personally challenge your roadblocks now and going forward independently,
  • Goal-directed therapy from the beginning with the end of therapy guiding the collaborative setting of goals (The goal for most is to need less or no therapy in the future.)
  • Narrative therapy to explore the past only enough to inform the present and influence the future.
  • Self-worth exploration and self-discipline-building where you can feel IN CONTROL in a positive, healthy way again.
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy where your trauma, grief, anxiety and/or depression can be lifted in as little as 1 session.