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Couples and Family Counseling

We understand that for many family is above everything. Yet sometimes issues arise, tensions creep in, or concerns in your family history cause you to think “This isn’t how I envisioned married life or family life.” At Believe to Achieve Wellness, we can help you figure it out.

Services offered in these primary areas

  • Relationship struggles
  • Family therapy
  • Medical complications
    • Hormonal or medical conditions that contribute to sudden behavior or mood changes
    • Postpartum anxiety or depression
    • We work with a select group of area providers to help diagnose and treat
  • Trauma
    • Traumatic Event
    • Re-experience
    • Avoidance
    • Unable to function
    • One month at least
    • Arousal
As a Marriage & Family Therapist who co-taught adult Natural Family Planning for 12 years and taught abstinence education in area schools before becoming licensed as a therapist, Kay is comfortable talking about many sensitive and challenging topics. While she taught substance use prevention for many years, she refers current or prospective clients out when substance use potentially is considered excessive and would be better treated by a substance use expert.

Is it the right time to start couples counseling?  

Surprisingly, the answer may be “Not yet. Not until we get ourselves figures our individually first.”

One recent trend I’ve noticed among my fellow Marriage & Family Therapists is that better success in couples counseling or family counseling may be achieved if some core individual work occurs first. We may discover this during your 15-minute screen call, or it may become apparent after a few sessions of couples counseling. If you think you need time to work out some areas individually first, we encourage you to connect with us or another therapist to do this.

Recognize the signs that you may benefit from individual work before entering couples therapy. The following issues can cause serious issues in a marriage.

The 4 A’s of Failed Marriages

Don’t let these destroy your relationship

  • Adultery
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Agendas

Reach out to B2AW today

Let’s journey together to figure out what you need. You may be married or contemplating marriage. We can use a Prepare-Enrich or Gottman Relationship Checkup in the beginning to work from a position of strength and opportunities vs. focusing on what is wrong.