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Kids, Teens, and School

Trauma, anxiety, learning disabilities, career decisions – all can lead to significant stress and worry among kids and teens as well as their families. We work with kids, teens, and families in a setting that is comfortable for them so that we can identify the issues they are struggling with and find solutions that work.

At Believe to Achieve Wellness, we acknowledge that some stress is normal for young people today, but sometimes life brings more than they can handle. We help kids and teens who have experienced or are dealing with:

  • Trauma/violence
  • Loss
  • Stress/anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Learning disabilities
Our sessions are designed specifically for your child to provide the best environment for identifying solutions for growth and success. These can include one-on-one sessions, group sessions in which teens work through issues with their peers, and family sessions that may include parents and siblings. Are you concerned your child may be struggling? If you see any of the following signs in your child, we may be able to help.


Many people think of trauma as major events, or Big T – events such as a car accident, the death of a family member or close friend, or a natural disaster. B2AW is well known for identifying those events often not recognized as trauma. Little T may include online or at school bullying, long term verbal abuse, negative self-image, and medical treatments, all of which can cause great stress for a child and, in some cases, even PTSD. Symptoms may include:
  • Avoiding or reacting to a specific location, sound, or situation.
  • Nightmares
  • Depression or loss of interest in activities
  • Anger or aggressive behavior
  • An inability to remember details of the event
Sometimes a child or teen will express guilt over a situation. We can help your child work through these feelings and put them in the proper perspective.


Often children and teens feel anxiety in situations that seem overwhelming to them, such as entering a new school. Signs your child could be struggling include:
  • Nervousness or dread entering a situation
  • Rapid, panicky breathing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Exhaustion or difficulty focusing
We identify underlying causes of stress and anxiety and work towards creating coping mechanisms that your child can use to face these stresses head on.

Autism (Neurodivergence), ADHD & Learning Disorders

Have you been approached by a teacher or school staff member suggesting your child may have ADHD or a learning disability, or that he or she may be autistic? B2AW can help!

  • Kay is well known in Northeast Ohio for her work with area public and private school special services teams and teachers to assess students having difficulties and determine if it is ADHD, Autism, a learning disorder, sensory processing, a medical concern, and/or trauma.
  • At B2AW, we work closely with your school team and area medical experts to obtain the proper diagnosis, while continuing to treat the primary symptoms throughout the diagnostic process and after diagnosis.

Career coaching

For teens heading toward high school graduation, a big source of stress and anxiety is choosing a college and major course of study. We understand this is the biggest decision of their lives up to this point, so our career coaching starts with a personality assessment so we can help teens target possible colleges and narrow down potential majors that are a good fit.

We work with high school freshmen through seniors to help them through this decision. Our program includes:

  • A career and personality assessment
  • A customized interview technique to help teens reach that “a-ha” moment
  • One or more visits to review results, discuss options, and build a plan for your college search and deciding on a major that is likely to be a better fit

Parenting coaching

From fear that you are going about things the wrong way to concern about behavioral issues, the stresses and challenges of parenting can be significant. We can help you help your child, drawing on years of experience using a goal-focused approach that builds strategies aimed at empowering your child, so you get results and your child is successful.

Busy parents today often feel they are not there for their children or that they are missing out on important milestones. When a child appears to be struggling with behavior issues, interaction with peers, or school adjustments, many parents feel at a loss as to how they can help.

Our parenting coaching targets these challenges.

  • Strategies to address aggressive or defiant behavior
  • Guidance for children struggling with the educational environment, learning disabilities, or attention deficit issues.
  • Ideas for dealing with strong-willed personalities
  • Tips for reducing your stress to ensure you can be there for your child

If you need help understanding your child, the dynamics of dealing with siblings, or simply support and assurance that you are on the right track, contact us.

Each person present at the IEP meeting has some key piece of the puzzle that can collaborate with Kay to: 

  1. Determine your child’s diagnosis,
  2. Navigate the process to gather data for a possible plan, 
  3. Draft collaboratively the Service Plan, 504 Plan or IEP with parent, student and school staff.  
  4. Attend any planning or formal Service Plan, 504 Plan or IEP meetings. As a parent you have the right to invite anyone who has knows your child well.

Educational Consulting

To bridge the needs of Students, Parents and Schools, Kay Metzler is often the consultant asked by school districts or parents to sift through the various concerns and behaviors that overlap and look like ADHD, autism, learning disorder, anxiety, and depression.  Kay will work with the family and school to formally diagnose and treat the mental health symptoms.  She often stays involved through the drafting of any potential Service Plans, 504 Plan or IEPs.

Each person present at the IEP meeting has some key piece of the puzzle to contribute to 1. determine your child’s diagnosis, 2. navigate the process to gather data for a possible plan, 3. draft collaboratively the Service Plan, 504 Plan or IEP.  As a parent you have the right to invite anyone who has knows your child well. Kay is often invited by parents to these key meetings for your child and in between meetings, will co-draft these modifications and interventions to ideally have a more solid plan that fits better from the beginning

Costs for Educational Consulting

As a School Counselor and Mental Health therapist based in area schools, Kay Metzler is well prepared to quickly become an integral part of your child’s team and “get to the bottom quickly” working with parents and the school team to develop possible solutions. The time for Kay’s expertise is billed often using both insurance and consultation fee. The educational consultation fee is $150 per hour plus compensation for travel time to/from the school site for onsite evaluations, team meetings and key Service Plan, 504 or IEP meetings. Costs will be outlined at each stage of the planning process and could be eligible for a sliding fee scale.

Can I sign up for Educational Consulting Services only?

Yes and no. A school can consult with Kay Metzler regarding a particular student and brainstorm ideas and feedback. In general, it benefits the student/child and school the best if the student/child becomes a client of Believe to Achieve Wellness, even if it is for a specific purpose and set period of time. For example, Kay is viewed as the expert to decipher the myriad of overlapping symptoms and with the team’s feedback, determine the better diagnostic fit and plan of action. Typically, a minimum of 4 appointments with your child plus appointments with schoolteachers, aids, school counselors and parents is needed to develop the best plan of action to benefit your child at home and school. Accelerated Resolution Therapy is also often the “fast track approach” to more quickly arrive at the root cause of certain behaviors saving months of ongoing frustration and decreasing the overwhelm that can be so defeating.