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Many B2AW clients and folks who are coming to B2AW only for ART are now enjoying significantly more peace after years of increasing anxiety, depression and trauma. Distress levels when you enter are often “10” and “0” when you leave. A score of “0” means the negative emotions are almost always fully removed from the situation.

ART often takes 90 minutes. Many are paying privately for their ART sessions. Full resolution of your symptoms can occur as quickly as 1 90-minute ART session or you may choose to return for more ART for more relief with additional “themes or flavors” that are holding you back in life. (The national average is <4 ART sessions.)

ART costs for 60-90 minutes are:

  • Session 1: $200
  • Sessions 2+: $180



Cancellation Policy

  • To respect your time and your therapist’s time, please notify your therapist as soon as you know of any potential conflict. The cancellation fee for an ART session is $100 due to the large block of time set aside for this specialty. If a session is canceled less than 2 business days in advance, the $100 ART Cancellation Fee could be assessed unless the appointment can be rescheduled later in the same week during a time you and your therapist are available. Please cancel before Monday for a Wednesday appointment. Cancel before Thursday for a Monday appt the following week.
  • A list is kept for current clients who may need an extra session. Nearly all openings fill up quickly each week.
  • Exceptions are made for sudden and unexpected situations. If you suspect you have any potentially contagious symptoms, PLEASE inform your therapist and do NOT come to your counseling session in person. For example, even if the parent transporting a client is ill and your child has no symptoms, your therapist would still prefer to switch your appointment to a remote visit or if you are too ill, the appointment will be canceled. A fee will NOT be assessed if you are protecting your therapist and other clients from any potential symptom transference and diligently communicate with your therapist about an alternate appointment that same week.


Fee Schedule Updates Clients will be given notice of any significant updates to the Fee Schedule.

A Few items to keep in mind:

  • Only the primary client(s) can be present (with a parent or guardian often invited to “check in\check out” with the therapist for minors).
  • Please inform your therapist if your session will begin late. If the session time becomes less than 30 minutes, we will likely need to reschedule.
  • Laws are in place to ensure confidentiality and your safety. Please do not attempt to conduct any portion of your therapy while driving nor while in a moving vehicle.
  • Insurance requires your therapist to note your location and for you to be in the state of Ohio during the time of your counseling session. Please cancel any appointments as soon as you know you will be physically located out of the state.
  • Please secure a confidential space with no expected interruptions. (Please inform family members or roommates that you should not be interrupted for your weekly time focused on YOU.)