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Will my counseling with B2AW be face-to-face or can I choose teletherapy?

The majority of B2AW clients choose the convenience of teletherapy even for children.  If you prefer to meet in person, my primary office is located in Green, Ohio, or I have two other locations available by appointment only.

Is teletherapy as effective as in-person counseling?

Yes. I have found tele-counseling to be an effective and positive experience for my clients in all of the areas I treat. Even where facial expressions and body language are lost, my training allows me to pick up other non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and word choice. Many of my clients appreciate the convenience and confidentiality that comes with teletherapy.

How will I know if medication is an option for me?

Medication can be effective, but it alone cannot solve all issues. This I why I work closely with a trusted list of medical professionals who can determine if medication may help you. Collaboration with these experts in conventional and holistic medicine is a large part of my treatment plan, so it is important that those who I treat are open to medical or psychiatric help.

Do you counsel individuals only, or can you work with couples and families?

I work with individuals, couples, and families, and in some cases, we will meet individually and in a group, depending on your needs and issues. We treat husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, siblings, and entire families in sessions that may be in-person or through teletherapy. Teletherapy sessions for couples or families may be over speaker phone or by establishing a three-way call if members are in different locations.

How long will my therapy take?

Each individual and family experiences different dynamics when working through issues. My therapeutic approach is customized to help you and your family specifically, including frequency of sessions and number of meetings. We will determine together what format will best help you through your journey and accomplish your goals.